A Delicious Featured Stack

Update2: New delicious.com social pages are rolling out in January, 2013.

Update: In September, 2012, the powers that be decided to do away with the new Stacks and completely re-conceive the site. All stacks were converted to tags.

My “Design” stack was featured on the homepage of Delicious.com today, which is kind of cool. Stacks are a relatively new way to bundle and share weblinks. This stack is a collection of useful links for web or print designers. I will continue to add to it as I find great resources to share.


Delicious.com, or del.icio.us, as it was once known (the clever URL still resolves), is a social weblink sharing and categorizing site.  I have been it site since 2004, shortly after it went live. Cut my teeth on RSS, tagging and discovered the early social “blogosphere” there.  My “caught in the web” blog category “daily catch” featured many of those early finds. Delicious has been through a few different owners including Yahoo, where it languished while other sites took off.  Lately, they have added the ability to share visual “stacks” of collections of links.

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Lytro Walkabout

On Feb 6th, I got a chance to join with other Lytro owners-to-be on a photo-walk around the Prudential Center. The Lytro camera is a small light field camera that will begin shipping later this spring. It represents a completely new way to take pictures. The light-field lenses capture a much wider range of light, allowing vibrant photos to be taken in low light situations with no flash. What’s truly revolutionary, though, is the software that is built into the camera. It allows for re-focusing after the photo has been taken. Photos are designed to be shared on the screen and can be modified by the viewer.

Photos taken with the camera appear to have been shot with via a powerful zoom. I have ideas for setting up some interesting scenarios that play with this exaggerated depth of field, where perhaps as one’s focus changes the meaning of the image is altered as well.

One of my images from the photo walk was posted to the Lytro gallery. I’ll see if I can embed it here… (I can if I turn off the wysiwyg editor, the embed is in an iframe) Scroll around to some of the other photos, too, and see just how different this camera is!

Feb 6, Prudential Center

Google+ and Me

I’ve gotten an account at Google+

Sharing my account address seems a bit difficult (hope they let you create unique names soon) but I think it’s Here.

After spending just a little time there adding a few friends and interesting people and checking through the features, it seems to be more of a Twitter on steroids than a replacement for Facebook. It merges your existing Google apps (if you are already a Gmail and Docs user the benefits will be clear) and makes sharing and categorizing streams of interests easy.

I am liking the new features of WordPress 3.2 also. Time to upgrade Massartlonline.org again.

Amiga, Lightspeed and early digital art

I am finally getting a chance to put up some early screen grabs from my explorations with using the Amiga to create digital self portraits, collages and paintings from video-grabs during the mid-1980s. I also had a chance to work with a LightSpeed system, and rented time to use its, then unheard of, resolution and imaging software.

These images were created between 1985 and 1986.

Spring Cleaning – of the virtual kind

I’ve been updating my website, again. As I scrounge through many years of re-builds and image archives, I see there is a pattern to the activity at my site, which has been online since 1995 and under my own domain name since 1998.

There’s usually a re-design or upgrade of some sort in the spring, a flurry of activity, and then a drop off (while work and life take precedence) until the cold months of another winter. This time, I’ve returned to WordPress for the site engine. In part, because I am managing a WordPress community site but, also, because I currently believe it is the best solution for a personal website. I decided to design the site using the Weaver template because it is so easy to use (read: fast) and I want to show off its flexibility to others.

I am a little happier with this re-boot than some because I’ve also decided to clean-up and consolidate some of the writing and blogging I have done since 2001 into one place. Many of these other site’s life-cycles have ended but there are bits of, if not enlightening at least nostalgic, reflections I’ve decided to keep.

Getting the Portfolio gallery together is one of the more difficult things, always, because the insecurities creep in. But, I shall labor on.


Old digital images


during each website upgrade lots of virtual cleaning house must occur.

These are early digital sketches, created in 1993 using my photos (digitized by Kodak), Photoshop 3, Kai’s Power Tools and a long gone presentation application.

I showed these (and other, not so psychedelic images) during a presentation at the 1993 MacWorld – Boston. My notes are around here somewhere. I’ll post them when I find them.