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Celebrate Winter

Every year I create a new winter design and add it to my Spoonflower shop. This year we explored the concept of apricity, the warmth of the sun in winter. I created a hand drawn abstract that was reminiscent of ice on a window.

I also ran this design through my processing app to create some new bubble designs, which I added to and made into a seamless repeat. I’m excited to share them with you. Those abstracts are now available at my Spoonflower shop. Shop now for holiday delivery.

Bubbles, Circles and Lines

Snowflakes, soft abstracts, bright holiday patterns and a few goofball designs all available in yardage and Homegoods.

Celebrate Winter Collection

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Bold Home Decor

Tired of dull beige or just want to bring a pop of color to your Living, Dining or Bedroom?… My Bright and Bold patterns for home decor are available on products through Spoonflower. Limited edition custom printed fabrics and handmade in America.

Home Decor Accents Collection by Eleanor Ramsay
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