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The Very and Very Peri

I had the pleasure of creating new CD art for The Very, a very fun indie band I’m a fan of and friends with. Was challenged with creating collages from video grabs and various sources. Very happy about how it turned out and the songs are great. Released in March.

Check out their Bandcamp page.
Listen to the songs, and get a copy of the CD of The Universe of You from Harriet Records.

Periwinkle Designs by Eleanor Ramsay

Very Peri is also the name of a shade of Periwinkle that Pantone, the ink/color matching behemoth, has declared the Color of the Year 2022. Since many stylists pay attention to these trends, expect to see a lot of periwinkle and teal or bright green patterns on clothing and homegoods (and sale racks later this fall). Spoonflower always encourages designers to create patterns celebrating the color of the year. I’ve got a collection of designs available in yardage and a variety of homegoods

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New WIP: Vessels

The fabric has arrived! 

My vessel panels have been printed and the process of beading and embroidery begins. With the changing of the season, it seams a perfect time to participate  in a bit of meditative task. Also, I am hoping to get these into a show at the Nave gallery later this year.

Vessels protect and obscure their contents until altered by an outside force, hiding mysteries within embellished exteriors.  It is human nature to be curious about the unknown and protective of possessions. A veil also obscures while it adorns. These layers of inside and outside space, known and unknown have structured our human relationships and concepts of wealth and power since the beginning of time. Overt objects of desire, these bottles may contain an exotic scent or a deadly poison. They demand you look at them and the medium allows a glimpse through them, yet their contents remains a mystery.

vessels-tryptic-poster-webtriptych  – perfume. (artist digital proofs)

Eleanor Ramsay
three fabric panels.
inkjet inks on 24” X 56” poly-silk knit embellished with hand embroidery and glass beading.

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Fractal Explorations

I have been spending much of the past year working on fabric design. Lately, I have been focusing on the fractal geometry and digital collages that drew me to the Spoonflower website last year. I had a few earlier works printed on delicate cotton voile fabric. I’d been working on these large prints for a few years, but at a bit at a loss on how to finish them, make them something more than light on a screen or flat digital prints. Fabric flows and moves and allows light to pass through it. It is dynamic and alive where paper is static. Since the early tests, I dived in pretty hard, researching ornament and pattern and retuning to a process that has rekindled my creativity. Spoonflower hosts a theme contest each week and I have approached them as a learning opportunity. While not all of my contest designs have been successful, they’ve all challenged me in different ways, getting me to draw again and explore the commercial side of fabric design.

You can see my current collection at Spoonflower.

New Geometrics (or, will work for shoes)…

Here are a few small images of some of my latest geometric designs.