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New Calendar Designs

Since it’s that time of year, I should post about my tea towel calendars. Every year for the past 7 years, I have created a new tea towel calendar. Usually printed on canvas, these kinds of calendars have been collected for at least 100 years by home cooks. They were popular kitchen decorations that, after the calendar year was over, would be replaced by the next new year and added to the pile of tea and dish towels that kept a kitchen tidy. They are still popular, especially for drying dishes and keeping bread warm.

Visit my Tea Towel Calendars And Time Collection at Spoonflower to buy as pre-made tea towels or buy yardage and sew some yourself. .

Calendars Updated for 2022

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Making Masks

50 two-sided masks ready for the Boston Area Mask Initiative. I’ve been using leftover T-shirt jersey for ties. Haven’t done these ones because I’m not sure what they want. I’ll have more of these soon, for friends and family. This was a challenge (because I’m not really an experienced sewist) and the process was an extension of my Lenten “fast.” Every design is unique and one of my original fabric proofs. May the recipients stay well.

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Cool Kids Collection

Four designs featuring a beautiful fall, neutral palette. Platonic Solids are the building blocks of nature, most of them will naturally fit into a honeycomb pattern.

Platonic solids are regular, convex polyhedrons constructed by congruent polygonal faces (all the same size and shape). The names are: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron

Cool Kids Collection, Available at Spoonflower