Summer Sketches

Sketches created on the iPad using an assortment of drawing and painting apps including Zen Brush, Brushes and Percolator. Love using the touch screen tablet. Zen Brush, especially, simulates a lusciously real brush on soft paper experience. It’s become my favorite sketching tool.


Hill Series Begins

Long Views and Mandalas

Hill Series. Print one. Currently nameless but I like where this is going. Collages inspired from source photos taken on walks up Tufts Hill.


Posterous is another blogging/sharing engine that has been around for a while, and is used by many talented writers. Like Tumblr or Blogger, users can choose from a set of excellent templates and use easy posting tools to quickly get ideas and art online and follow other members of the rich Posterous community.
, natch.

Amiga, Lightspeed and early digital art

I am finally getting a chance to put up some early screen grabs from my explorations with using the Amiga to create digital self portraits, collages and paintings from video-grabs during the mid-1980s. I also had a chance to work with a LightSpeed system, and rented time to use its, then unheard of, resolution and imaging software.

These images were created between 1985 and 1986.

Old digital images


during each website upgrade lots of virtual cleaning house must occur.

These are early digital sketches, created in 1993 using my photos (digitized by Kodak), Photoshop 3, Kai’s Power Tools and a long gone presentation application.

I showed these (and other, not so psychedelic images) during a presentation at the 1993 MacWorld – Boston. My notes are around here somewhere. I’ll post them when I find them.