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A Delicious Featured Stack

Update2: New social pages are rolling out in January, 2013.

Update: In September, 2012, the powers that be decided to do away with the new Stacks and completely re-conceive the site. All stacks were converted to tags.

My “Design” stack was featured on the homepage of today, which is kind of cool. Stacks are a relatively new way to bundle and share weblinks. This stack is a collection of useful links for web or print designers. I will continue to add to it as I find great resources to share., or, as it was once known (the clever URL still resolves), is a social weblink sharing and categorizing site.  I have been it site since 2004, shortly after it went live. Cut my teeth on RSS, tagging and discovered the early social “blogosphere” there.  My “caught in the web” blog category “daily catch” featured many of those early finds. Delicious has been through a few different owners including Yahoo, where it languished while other sites took off.  Lately, they have added the ability to share visual “stacks” of collections of links.

While I miss the active homepage feeds of fresh links that functioned as a pre-Twitter social web of discovery (in fact, I first heard about Twitter the day it went online on the delicious activity feed), I still use it frequently and recommend it to people as a great way to find, organize and share interesting websites.

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I have only just begun to “stack.” Most of my links are categorized into various tags and bundles (an earlier approach to stacking links together).