Spring Cleaning – of the virtual kind

I’ve been updating my website, again. As I scrounge through many years of re-builds and image archives, I see there is a pattern to the activity at my site, which has been online since 1995 and under my own domain name since 1998.

There’s usually a re-design or upgrade of some sort in the spring, a flurry of activity, and then a drop off (while work and life take precedence) until the cold months of another winter. This time, I’ve returned to WordPress for the site engine. In part, because I am managing a WordPress community site but, also, because I currently believe it is the best solution for a personal website. I decided to design the site using the Weaver template because it is so easy to use (read: fast) and I want to show off its flexibility to others.

I am a little happier with this re-boot than some because I’ve also decided to clean-up and consolidate some of the writing and blogging I have done since 2001 into one place. Many of these other site’s life-cycles have ended but there are bits of, if not enlightening at least nostalgic, reflections I’ve decided to keep.

Getting the Portfolio gallery together is one of the more difficult things, always, because the insecurities creep in. But, I shall labor on.


Winter Work

MassArt Online: Built with WordPressMU and BuddyPress. MassArt Faculty and students can use the site to access social tools such as forums, groups and activity feeds and maintain a personal or academic blog.

Recent conversion of Saturday Studios Student pages from Joomla with DocMan to a WordPress Blog.Students contribute original lesson plans and galleries of their experiences teaching in the Saturday Studios program.

Saturday Studios BlogThis ties the work students do in Saturday Studios with the blog platform they are beginning to use in earlier courses. The use of a blogging platform for academic writing and portfolios results in each student developing a rich ePortfolio while learning real-world new media skills.

MassArt Online Courses:
Moodle 2.0 development and migration from 1.9.x continues.
We have our testing server up. Live courses are in the 1.9.x build.

American Movie Classics Magazine

American Movie Classics Magazine

Reflecting the classic Hollywood focus of the cable network, the magazine featured many full bleed photos and examples of classic movie art. It was also one of the first to use desktop publishing programs for its design and one of the first to go direct to 6-color film using desktop software.

As the magazine’s Art and design director from 1989 through 1996, I steered the magazine through two award-winning redesigns and the network’s entry into the online environment.

One of my favorite aspects of art directing this magazine was being able to research and oversee the high-end digital restoration of many rare classic Hollywood photographs.

Moving along

I’m teaching at MassArt and in the Somerville Schools this semester.
The Web Club pages have a lot of neat links: Somerville 21 Web Club

I’ll be building MassArtEd.org this semester. We’ll role a lot of the AEContent stuff into it and create a student/faculty/department portal.

I also set up a MySpace page for myself this year. Lots of Boston Rockers there. Just another place to waste my precious time!

new year, new blog

A new place for occasional postings, musings, work in progress and “caught in the web,” my ongoing blog of the best of the web (I don’t think I’ll import the old messages, visit my (http://del.icio.us/elr) Del.icio.us account for more that 1,000 tastily organized links…).

This year, I am using WordPress. I have set up WP blogs for others, and will be shifting from MT for my own and for the rest of my course blogs during the next year.