Creating a Postcard with InDesign

A quick tutorial on creating a graphically rich postcard using InDesign. Postcards are great! They are perfect for announcements, artist samples, direct mailers, invitations, old fashioned correspondence, and convert nicely to an easy-to-share online graphic. In this short tutorial, we’ll import some images and then add text to create a postcard promoting a new fabric collection. Use these photos or use your own photos and text to create your personal postcard. Postcards come in a variety of standard sizes. Some sizes can be mailed at a reduced rate, but larger cards require 1st class postage. There are many ways to get your postcard printed and … Continue reading

A Delicious Featured Stack

Update2: New social pages are rolling out in January, 2013. Update: In September, 2012, the powers that be decided to do away with the new Stacks and completely re-conceive the site. All stacks were converted to tags. My “Design” stack was featured on the homepage of today, which is kind of cool. Stacks are a relatively new way to bundle and share weblinks. This stack is a collection of useful links for web or print designers. I will continue to add to it as I find great resources to share., or, as it was once … Continue reading

Lytro Walkabout

On Feb 6th, I got a chance to join with other Lytro owners-to-be on a photo-walk around the Prudential Center. The Lytro camera is a small light field camera that will begin shipping later this spring. It represents a completely new way to take pictures. The light-field lenses capture a much wider range of light, allowing vibrant photos to be taken in low light situations with no flash. What’s truly revolutionary, though, is the software that is built into the camera. It allows for re-focusing after the photo has been taken. Photos are designed to be shared on the screen … Continue reading

Google+ and Me

I’ve gotten an account at Google+ Sharing my account address seems a bit difficult (hope they let you create unique names soon) but I think it’s Here. After spending just a little time there adding a few friends and interesting people and checking through the features, it seems to be more of a Twitter on steroids than a replacement for Facebook. It merges your existing Google apps (if you are already a Gmail and Docs user the benefits will be clear) and makes sharing and categorizing streams of interests easy. I am liking the new features of WordPress 3.2 also. … Continue reading