A Delicious Featured Stack

Update2: New delicious.com social pages are rolling out in January, 2013.

Update: In September, 2012, the powers that be decided to do away with the new Stacks and completely re-conceive the site. All stacks were converted to tags.

My “Design” stack was featured on the homepage of Delicious.com today, which is kind of cool. Stacks are a relatively new way to bundle and share weblinks. This stack is a collection of useful links for web or print designers. I will continue to add to it as I find great resources to share.


Delicious.com, or del.icio.us, as it was once known (the clever URL still resolves), is a social weblink sharing and categorizing site.  I have been it site since 2004, shortly after it went live. Cut my teeth on RSS, tagging and discovered the early social “blogosphere” there.  My “caught in the web” blog category “daily catch” featured many of those early finds. Delicious has been through a few different owners including Yahoo, where it languished while other sites took off.  Lately, they have added the ability to share visual “stacks” of collections of links.

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Well, I had my first major crash with the Panther OS X last night. It was related to Suitcase X1 which, despite being the “patched” version, does not play well with Panther and, once it failed, wouldn’t even allow me to force quit and move on. After a few reboots I at least managed to delete it. I then upgraded to 10.3.4, (from 10.3.3) but not sure what sort of enhancements/fixes it is supposed to take care of. So, sans suitcase, I’m back.

Had a major migraine last week, too. God I’m sick of ’em. Margaret Cho discusses her migraines, and a lot of other interesting things, at her blog. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to hard-link to individual posts (not impossible, but all sense of location and formatting are lost when you do). But her blog is one I go back to. It’s a diary in the classic sense of her writing for herself, to make sense of her world, remember the people in her life, sound off about whatever she wants. I do feel that she writes for herself. We can just read along if we want to.

Thanks to James Joyce’s Ulysses: One Page Every Day creator Jason, I now have a Gmail account. Thanks Jason!

Go ahead, talk to me: elramsay at gmail.

Now, just what am I to do with it? I use IMAP for email and tend to leave messages on the server well, forever. So, for certain kinds of communication, say, when I want to keep a whole dialog organized, I can keep it all organized without having to archive it offline. Also, for sending around those mp3s and images, yeah! It also gives me a new public address to use when commenting at other sites and blogs. I recently gave up an address I’d had since 1995. It had become nothing but a spam magnet (and a place for crazies to track me down at!) so I finally deleted it and all the messages still languishing at the server. Ah, I felt the Internet get just a wee bit lighter.

While were here, lets turn a card and see…
Do the washing up
I guess that’s what I did with this system last night.

weekend catch

Been stepping up the additions of my delicious links (although it seems my feeds are back, no thanks to me, I couldn’t se any obvious reason why they stopped working) since I’m busy researching all sorts of things for my Digital Art: Using New Media in the Art Classroom course. This weekend was a little slow.

Integrating del.icio.us with PHP and Magpie
Principia Cybernetica Web
“aims to develop a complete philosophy or “world-view”, based on the principles of evolutionary cybernetics, and supported by collaborative computer technologies.”
Metaphors We Compute By
lecture notes by John M. Lawler (1999) Conceptions and misconceptions of the interface
John Kerry Weblog
includes a huge list of other blogs and resources
Visual Collections
images of art history and culture
why? just because.