Web Design and Development

Custom site design and online community development created with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and other Web 2.0 platforms.

I have been making websites since the introduction of the Netscape Browser in 1994 and have seen the graphical web grow from image maps and simple HTML, through the introduction of frames, Flash, Perl, PHP and AJAX. With each new enhancement and approach, I have been motivated by the ability of web-based media to blur the boundaries between maker and consumer, publisher and reader, designer and client.

  • MassArt Online
  • MassArtEd
  • Frederick Ramsay Books
  • Mick Milk
  • Social Media
  • The Noise
  • Mikey Dee
  • AEContent and Summer Institutes
  • s21: Web Club