Finding great information on the web can be exhilarating, but keeping track of the information becomes daunting. I’ve been simultaneously adding links at my delicious account and AEContent, sometimes overlapping my choices, although usually not. The criteria for entering a link at delicious differs from what I might add to AEContent. In fact, it’s important that any link in the AEContent database have some academic credibility or be useful to educators. Delicious, a “social bookmarks manager, is an interesting experiment that may end up drowning in its own success. The idea is to post your links to it, instead of your own bookmarks or, in my case, lots of little lost plain text documents. It has no agenda and the members, who become known by their choices, are a diverse lot. There is a growing concern that the homepage is declining in value and becoming a means for spammer-types or other disliked blowhards to push their dubious links on the community. I don’t really see evidence of that. Rather, I feel like I’m dipping in a community pool. I might not like the tone of a lot of the links, but I don’t have to visit them.

Zee cards keep a turnin’

Ok, so none of these strategies really worked for me.


  • Simple Subtraction
  • Turn it upside down
  • A line has two sides

Although, seen together they almost form a haiku.

Stupid laugh of the day: Bilbo Baggins
I didn’t know there was a video…