Rice Cookers and the Apocalypse

Roger Ebert uses new media well (he’s a voracious Twitterer) and always has something interesting to say, even if he can come off a bit curmudgeonly. He’s certainly earned that right. We both share a hatred for 3D movies and a love for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Roger Ebert on Rice Pot cooking and the apocalypse:
More Thoughts from Roger Ebert

… In the case of a truly grim situation, like months in a bomb shelter, I would lay in: bags of brown rice; dried onions, garlic and other vegetables; dried raisins; prunes and other fruits; TVP (textured vegetable protein); bottles of soy sauce, hot sauce or Tabasco, Thai red sauce, anything like Saigon Sizzle Sauce; and dried meats or fish. You’re going to have a problem with vitamins C and D, and in this dire situation vitamin pills may be the best survival technique. Also a chess set, a deck of cards and an extremely well-loaded iPad or Kindle. I’m assuming you have electrical power, at least from a generator, or else your rice cooker won’t work very well.