Well, I had my first major crash with the Panther OS X last night. It was related to Suitcase X1 which, despite being the “patched” version, does not play well with Panther and, once it failed, wouldn’t even allow me to force quit and move on. After a few reboots I at least managed to delete it. I then upgraded to 10.3.4, (from 10.3.3) but not sure what sort of enhancements/fixes it is supposed to take care of. So, sans suitcase, I’m back. Had a major migraine last week, too. God I’m sick of ‘em. Margaret Cho discusses her migraines, … Continue reading


…something idiosyncratic is today’s card. Conceived in the late 1970s, these cards predate the technical advances that ushered in a completely new ways of working and creating. Me`chan´ic`al`ize v. t. 1. To cause to become mechanical. (the free dictionary) I wasn’t even sure if it was a real word. It is certainly an archaic one. It’s the rare field today that does not rely on technology at some level. Even producers of fine art and traditional crafts increasingly turn to the Internet for information, supplies, community, and use technology to run their studios and organize their lives. The lowly diary, … Continue reading


Finding great information on the web can be exhilarating, but keeping track of the information becomes daunting. I’ve been simultaneously adding links at my delicious account and AEContent, sometimes overlapping my choices, although usually not. The criteria for entering a link at delicious differs from what I might add to AEContent. In fact, it’s important that any link in the AEContent database have some academic credibility or be useful to educators. Delicious, a “social bookmarks manager, is an interesting experiment that may end up drowning in its own success. The idea is to post your links to it, instead of … Continue reading

Two more cards turn…

it’s hard to post everyday. I started this blog in part because I implement them and research them so, I might as well keep one myself. I also manage another blog for the Massart new media program, and a wiki (closed), where I’ve blathered on about all sorts of things. But Caught gives me a personal space to try my hand at the public life. Since I’m a very private person, and pretty shy, this is not easy for me to do. I’m also maintaining this blog as a place to keep track of all the swell resources I find … Continue reading