Well, I had my first major crash with the Panther OS X last night. It was related to Suitcase X1 which, despite being the “patched” version, does not play well with Panther and, once it failed, wouldn’t even allow me to force quit and move on. After a few reboots I at least managed to delete it. I then upgraded to 10.3.4, (from 10.3.3) but not sure what sort of enhancements/fixes it is supposed to take care of. So, sans suitcase, I’m back. Had a major migraine last week, too. God I’m sick of ‘em. Margaret Cho discusses her migraines, … Continue reading


This is Neville, he just turned 21. When he was born there was no Macintosh, no CDs, no DVDs, the WWW had yet to be invented and exploited, Reagan was president. Neville’s Mom, Tefnut, was my roomate Julie’s cat. We threw her out on the porch when she was in heat because we really wanted kittens. I know, shame on us. But they all got good homes. We tried to give Neville away too, but he kept coming back. Right now he’s on his last legs, kidney’s going, crippling arthritis… He’s used up all his lives, but he hangs in … Continue reading

Lost and innocent days

So, something is not working correctly with my Delicious feed. Something about the rdf/xml has changed. It is not generating properly when I preview it, and not updating at this site s of yesterday. Hmm, well, I’ll have to check my RSS plug-in. The annotated version is still working fine, and I like it better anyway. I still haven’t figured out how to get MT to understand the perl, and haven’t had time to really work on it. I actually want to overhaul this whole blog (who doesn’t always want to pick at theirs?) because I find it really hard … Continue reading

a week of avoiding this weblog (or the tale of King Zook)

Not only did my art-making adventures disappoint, I also found myself avoiding this weblog. I think it was because I did not have art ready to post, but also because the past few days have been exceedingly emotional. Of course, the question is, what do I say in the blog? Just because I’m opening my own life up (well, a little, give me time and I’ll tell you my stories!) doesn’t necessarily give me the right to discuss the lives of my friends and family. So, I’ll just cut to the end of the tale. My mother’s cat died. His … Continue reading