Running Up That Hill

I’ve been walking through the Tufts campus near my home – for the exercise but also because the pay off is so worth it. Tufts is built in a hilly area that straddles Medford and Somerville. Once at the summit, you can walk out onto the roof of the library and be greeted with an expansive view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines, some of the biggest sky to be found in the area. Normally, the winters in Massachusetts are quite cold and snowy but this year, despite an early snowfall at Halloween and a few isolated show showers, winter … Continue reading

Lytro Walkabout

On Feb 6th, I got a chance to join with other Lytro owners-to-be on a photo-walk around the Prudential Center. The Lytro camera is a small light field camera that will begin shipping later this spring. It represents a completely new way to take pictures. The light-field lenses capture a much wider range of light, allowing vibrant photos to be taken in low light situations with no flash. What’s truly revolutionary, though, is the software that is built into the camera. It allows for re-focusing after the photo has been taken. Photos are designed to be shared on the screen … Continue reading

Hill Series Begins

Long Views and Mandalas Hill Series. Print one. Currently nameless but I like where this is going. Collages inspired from source photos taken on walks up Tufts Hill. Posterous Posterous is another blogging/sharing engine that has been around for a while, and is used by many talented writers. Like Tumblr or Blogger, users can choose from a set of excellent templates and use easy posting tools to quickly get ideas and art online and follow other members of the rich Posterous community., natch. … Continue reading