Old digital images


during each website upgrade lots of virtual cleaning house must occur.

These are early digital sketches, created in 1993 using my photos (digitized by Kodak), Photoshop 3, Kai’s Power Tools and a long gone presentation application.

I showed these (and other, not so psychedelic images) during a presentation at the 1993 MacWorld – Boston. My notes are around here somewhere. I’ll post them when I find them.

Paintings as processes via virtual media

Created with Brushes, a fluid iPad app while listening to minimal wave streams. Wonderful real tools. It also records the painting/drawing activity.

Rice Cookers and the Apocalypse

Roger Ebert uses new media well (he’s a voracious Twitterer) and always has something interesting to say, even if he can come off a bit curmudgeonly. He’s certainly earned that right. We both share a hatred for 3D movies and a love for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Roger Ebert on Rice Pot cooking and the apocalypse:
More Thoughts from Roger Ebert

… In the case of a truly grim situation, like months in a bomb shelter, I would lay in: bags of brown rice; dried onions, garlic and other vegetables; dried raisins; prunes and other fruits; TVP (textured vegetable protein); bottles of soy sauce, hot sauce or Tabasco, Thai red sauce, anything like Saigon Sizzle Sauce; and dried meats or fish. You’re going to have a problem with vitamins C and D, and in this dire situation vitamin pills may be the best survival technique. Also a chess set, a deck of cards and an extremely well-loaded iPad or Kindle. I’m assuming you have electrical power, at least from a generator, or else your rice cooker won’t work very well.

How much are your memories worth?

I’m not much of a blogger but I cherish my memories and experiences, and, like many people enjoy sharing and preserving mementos of things I’ve done and places I’ve been. The internet has seemed a possible repository for scans of these tid-bits of life so I was naturally drawn to wikis, cms engines and weblogs. I’ve tried out most popular social sharing sites, but it wasn’t until I reluctantly signed up for Facebook, that I felt I was using a site that could aggregate my memories and experiences to the audience who actually cared while hiding them from Google’s roving bots if I chose to. There was an immediacy and ease to it that made me want to jump on board where earlier social tools had failed. Since reluctantly signing up in April 2009,  I have visited it almost everyday and have posted many images while my site, and some of the other sites I manage, lay un-touched, unvisited and unloved. No matter how many times I changed the skin, I’d never get around to wanting to keep up with the content. Continue reading

Digication and other e-portfolios

Working with setting up a gallery space at Digication as part of this semester’s exploration in online portfolios, learning tools and collaborations. The MSAE grads have been using it. It’s pretty clean and geared toward education. Also, upgrades on the CAC Moodle. Looking at Mahara, an open source e-portfolio system.

Lots of great tools, getting better and more integrated all the time!!  Beware of overly cloudy weather, however!