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What’s the Buzz? – ah phooey, removed… 1994 (not ‘96) WBCN studios, Boston, Rehearsal for on-air promo. I’m the groovy chick in the middle. T Max (hippie guy in hat) and I were the show’s producers, which is why we were at the interview. Features Gary Cherone and Doug Thoms. I don’t remember this being filmed. … Continue reading

20 questions for your character

20 questions for your character

1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. Are You a man? a woman? something else?
4. Where do you live?
5. Where are you from?
6. What do you look like?
7. Who are your parents?
8. What do you do?
9. Do you believe in a God?
10. Who do you admire?
11. What music and art do you like?
12. Are you happy or sad?
13. What makes you angry?
14. What makes you strong?
15. What makes you weak?
16. How are you special?
17. What is your secret?
18. Who was your first love?
19. What has hurt you?
20. What scares you?

Describe your character in a few sentences.
Now, draw a picture of your character!

Eleanor Ramsay. Animation Basics, Developing a Story. Website:
Questions adapted from: 20 Questions for Characters by Matt Madden & Jessica Abel

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