Memorial Day

Another Memorial Day Weekend. We cheer on the living. A parade marches past near my house every year. The street is closed off, the parade, earnest. It’s gotten bigger since 9/11. The old solders, those tattooed WWII vets with untold stories we may never hear, are passing away, only a few still march. The Vietnam vets, our brothers and uncles, are now old men. Most of the marchers are children, shriners or marching bands. We’ll lose a few guys in Iraq this week, most likely. Their families will morn them. Meanwhile, summer comes in and life goes on. The columbines are blooming. Another another parade another summer.

A Promise

Promise Barack Obama’s acceptance speech for the party nomination, tagged by word use. The more a word is used, the larger the type size. Created at

(The links will take you to the page at the wordle gallery, I created these by putting the text into a field at the site and choosing from random wordle iterations.)


“the white ghost exists in the space where the mantle used to be”

This is a series inspired by the the ghost impression of wallpaper – essentially the remaining glue – discovered while moving a fireplace mantle-top in my home, which was built in 1900.

The images also re-use an illustration created during a Digital Art course I taught in 2004. That image, part of a large installation, incorporated a web graphic I created for the Institute’s website.

page updated and images added March 9, 2011

african landscapes

Images from my trip to Botswana.
I tried to capture the amazing light of this beautiful country. Victoria Falls falls are in Zimbabwe. Getting to that spot was not an easy task, but it was worth it. It was the rainy season, so the falls were raging.
Images from 2006, 2007