A Promise

Promise Barack Obama’s acceptance speech for the party nomination, tagged by word use. The more a word is used, the larger the type size. Created at wordle.net.

(The links will take you to the page at the wordle gallery, I created these by putting the text into a field at the site and choosing from random wordle iterations.)


“the white ghost exists in the space where the mantle used to be”

This is a series inspired by the the ghost impression of wallpaper – essentially the remaining glue – discovered while moving a fireplace mantle-top in my home, which was built in 1900.

The images also re-use an illustration created during a Digital Art course I taught in 2004. That image, part of a large installation, incorporated a web graphic I created for the Institute’s website.

page updated and images added March 9, 2011

african landscapes

Images from my trip to Botswana.
I tried to capture the amazing light of this beautiful country. Victoria Falls falls are in Zimbabwe. Getting to that spot was not an easy task, but it was worth it. It was the rainy season, so the falls were raging.
Images from 2006, 2007


gotta love YouTube

What’s the Buzz? – ah phooey, removed…

What's the Buzz? Live at WBCN1994 (not ‘96) WBCN studios, Boston, Rehearsal for on-air promo. I’m the groovy chick in the middle. T Max (hippie guy in hat) and I were the show’s producers, which is why we were at the interview. Features Gary Cherone and Doug Thoms.

I don’t remember this being filmed.

Moving along

I’m teaching at MassArt and in the Somerville Schools this semester.
The Web Club pages have a lot of neat links: Somerville 21 Web Club

I’ll be building MassArtEd.org this semester. We’ll role a lot of the AEContent stuff into it and create a student/faculty/department portal.

I also set up a MySpace page for myself this year. Lots of Boston Rockers there. Just another place to waste my precious time!

new year, new blog

A new place for occasional postings, musings, work in progress and “caught in the web,” my ongoing blog of the best of the web (I don’t think I’ll import the old messages, visit my (http://del.icio.us/elr) Del.icio.us account for more that 1,000 tastily organized links…).

This year, I am using WordPress. I have set up WP blogs for others, and will be shifting from MT for my own and for the rest of my course blogs during the next year.


This is Neville, he just turned 21. When he was born there was no Macintosh, no CDs, no DVDs, the WWW had yet to be invented and exploited, Reagan was president. Neville’s Mom, Tefnut, was my roomate Julie’s cat. We threw her out on the porch when she was in heat because we really wanted kittens. I know, shame on us. But they all got good homes. We tried to give Neville away too, but he kept coming back. Right now he’s on his last legs, kidney’s going, crippling arthritis… He’s used up all his lives, but he hangs in there and we hang in there with him. Happy Birthday old boy.

June 5th is my brother Matt’s 40th. He’s not in any mood to celebrate it…

I’ve been away and haven’t been up to writing here. I found myself back in Baltimore (my hometown) taking care of family issues and only occasionally with resonable Internet access. Mostly, I took a break from the virtual life. I did manage to do some maitainence on AEContent but, not much more than that. Anyway, I didn’t feel right writing about what I was dealing with.

So, long time, little post. But, it’s ok. This blog is primarily for me (at least in this incarnation). It’s obvious that I need a focus to this writing and rework the site. Then, watch out blogosphere. Har, just kidding!